This 2 day workshop will be led by Steph Hodgson supported by Lisa Milnor.

David Berceli’s tension and trauma releasing exercises (TRE) are an amazing tool for helping the body let go of deep, chronic patterns. They are remarkably simple and the process of change they facilitate is very easy to self regulate. The goal of the exercises is to start a self directed tremoring process. The tremors are deeply natural and release tension and trauma held in the body. Once you have learnt the exercises, and can feel and allow the tremors, you just let the body do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. It really can be that easy.

Learn to feel the power of shaking in a safe supported group. The course will be very practical. In the morning and afternoon sessions you will be supported through the exercises and tremors. There will be lots of time to learn about the theory of TRE, discussion and sharing of experiences.

TRE is a great self regulating tool. A simple set of exercises are used to trigger therapeutic tremors in the body. The tremors help reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. In tension and trauma the old parts of the brain get stuck in defence strategies making us tight and contracted prepared for fight-or-flight or freezing the body. TRE is a safe and easy way of releasing tension and waking up your body.

You will learn:

  • An introduction to TRE and your personal tremoring process
  • The theory about how TRE can help with tiredness, anxiety, pain and trauma
  • How to start and stop therapeutic tremors
  • About the body and the defence cascades of fight-or-flight and freeze
  • Each morning and afternoon you will be guided through the exercises and the tremoring process, learning how to “go slow,” and safely regulate your process
  • An introduction to the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the stress response and trauma
  • Containment,  grounding, self-regulation skills

The TRE Introductory Day is open to everyone. You can attend to learn about using the tremors to support your own health. You will learn about being in your body and self regulating in response to tension, stress and trauma.

Event Location:

This event is over two days, held at Avalon Wellbeing in the grounds of Broughton Hall estate, Skipton, North Yorkshire.


TRE 2 day event

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Date: Friday 5th & Saturday 6th April 2019
Location:Avalon Wellbeing
Cost: £240 FULL PRICE,  £210 EARLY BIRD – (Booked by 1st March 2019)

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If a course or class is cancelled by a participant more than 7 days before it commences then a full refund or credit will be offered. A 50% refund or full credit will be offered for cancellations within 7 days of the course or class commencing. No refund or credit is available for cancellations within 48 hours of the course or class commencing. If a course or class is cancelled by Shaping Clarity then a full refund or credit will be offered within all timescales. The cancellation policy is subject to the discretion of the Shaping Clarity.

Further information if you wish to continue your training:

This two day event is module 1 is part of an exciting new structure for the TRE Provider training in the UK.

This consists of 3 X two day modules plus supervision process.

This is also the first module of the CERTIFIED PROVIDER TRAINING:

which is approximately 12 – 18 months structured training  comprising of :

  • 3 x 2 day modules, plus
  • A process of Supervision that supports you in
  • developing and deepening your own TRE practice,
  • learning to facilitate individuals through the TRE process
  • teaching small groups.
  • application of theory –  anatomy, physiology, neurology of the stress response and trauma, polyvagal theory, fascia.
  • containment, grounding,  co- and self-regulation,
  • developmental trauma and attachment in relation to TRE
  • how to set up a practice

For more information visit:

MODULE II –  JUNE 8TH AND 9TH 2019  – cost £240 / £210 (early bird 

MODULE III – OCTOBER 5TH AND 6TH 2019 – cost £240 / £210 (early bird) 


Minimum 13 supervision sessions : approx £1300.   (1-1 sessions plus reveiw of videos,  teaching sessions and written work )

4 X SESSIONS with supervisor – exploring your own TRE process.  (preferably in person sessions)

4 SESSIONS (either 1-1 or in small group) – exploring your experiences teaching TRE to individuals (can be over Skype)

4 SESSIONS (EITHER 1-1 or in small group) – exploring your experiences teaching TRE to groups (can be over Skype)

Books / videos / website registration. –  approx £150

The cost of the training ( 3 modules, plus supervision)  can be paid in full, or  spread over 12 – 18 months,  please contact me for details,

Any questions you may have about the Modules 2 & 3 and the supervision process please contact  Steph- Tel: 07788 413070

If you have any questions about Module 1 please contact