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All of us experience difficult mental states that can hinder our meditation practice and that run our lives if left unattended.  Have you ever felt that if only you could just rearrange a certain aspect of your life then you’ll be happy or maybe you’ve felt some intense emotional pain around an unpleasant event and you just can’t let go?   Do you ever feel excessive worry or anxiety and an inability to slow down and concentrate on one thing?  Maybe you are easily bored and will put off tasks that feel uninteresting or there is a lack of meaning or purpose in  your life?  Do you ever have the thought that “I’m not good enough” or “What’s the point in meditating”  or “I’m no good at meditating or anything for that matter!”

The ways that these mental states, which are also known as hindrances, manifest in our meditation and lives are usually based on old and deep conditioning. We can shine a light on these tendencies with mindfulness, understand them, and see whether they serve us, or lead us into struggle and difficulty. Taking an interest in the hindrances can lead to a deeper understanding of the undercurrents that motivate us, and mindfulness begins to give us a choice about whether we engage in them.  Working with these mind states can help increase feelings of well-being, as well as skillful action in the world.

In this mindfulness refresher course we will explore these hindrances in meditation and everyday life to illuminate the unhelpful patterns beneath them.  As we become more skillful at recognising, welcoming and investigating them we may come to realise that they are mental events that come and go and that they are not who we are.  We will also consider the action we might take to counterbalance these hindrances.

The course comprises 5 classes over 10 weeks and includes course handouts. Suitable only for those that have taken an 8 week mindfulness course or who have an established meditation practice.  If you would like to know more before booking, please get in touch.


Time: 10.00 – 12.00
2018 Dates: 18th Jan, 1st and 22nd Feb,
15th and 29th Mar
Location: Spirit of Pilates Studio, Skipton, BD23 1N
Cost: £75 for all five classes or £20 per class (payable in advance)

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