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This is a lovely opportunity for a day of self-care as we mindfully explore how TRE® and meditation can help release stress and invite a greater sense of inner calm and peace. You will learn some simple practices that release deeply held tension to promote a sense of relaxation and allow a re-balancing that opens us up more freely to renewal and growth in the body, mind and heart.

You will be taken through some simple exercises to safely activate the natural tremoring mechanism in the body that we all have and we will also use mindfulness meditation and yoga practices to help us ground and heighten awareness.  All of these practices help us to deepen our relationship to the body and to shift towards health by releasing tension and restoring balance.

As we learn to re-balance the nervous system our health changes mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically, allowing a deeper connection to ourselves, others and the way we meet the world.

TRE® generally feels pleasant and soothing and can lead to many benefits including:

reduced levels of anxiety and stress,
release of muscle tightness and improved joint mobility,
enhanced exercise performance,
less risk of sport injury and a more speedy recovery from injury,
improved sleep,
relief from chronic medical conditions,
more energy and endurance,
improved relationships and
an overall greater sense of peace and well-being.

The day will be suitable for most people and you will be required to complete a health questionnaire beforehand where you will be informed if the practice of TRE® is not appropriate for you at this time.

Meditation and yoga practices will be an integral part of the day to support grounding, to invite a sense of wakefulness to our experience as it unfolds and to cultivate kindness towards ourselves. You are invited to participate in these practices with a beginners mind, bringing a friendly curiosity to whatever arises in your body, mind and heart as the day unfolds.

If you would like to know more before booking, please get in touch.

1 Day Workshop

Dates: 16th August 2019
Time: 10.00 – 16.30
Location: The Meditation Centre, Dent, Cumbria, LA10 5QR
Cost: Suggested donation £55
Booking: Call The Meditation Centre Team on 07582 017396 or email