Karen, a successful business woman, would often feel waves of anxiety and dread creeping into her body and relentless worries swirling in her head as she drove to work. 

Then one day she found herself in A&E with symptoms of chest pains and facial numbness.  Scared and exhausted a caring nurse explained how an eight week mindfulness course had helped her deal more confidently with the stresses of her job.

Having coped unbeknown to others for many years with the symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness and depression Karen decided to try some personalised Mindfulness and Yoga Sessions. As her confidence grew she joined an eight week mindfulness course after which she commented

This course has been genuinely transformational.  I feel more emotionally and physically robust and not fearful of the future.  I feel calmer, sleep better and enjoy life more.  Mindfulness is a gift and my friend

Whether you can relate to Karen’s story or just feel there must be more to life you can find out how mindfulness might help you by joining us at a free taster session.  Click here for details of the next session and how to register your place.  For details of the next eight week Mindfulness for Health and Well-being course take a look here and also for the Finding Peace in a Frantic World course click here

If like Karen you feel that an individual session may be more appropriate for you at this time then please do get in touch to discuss possible options. 

We would love to hear how mindfulness has helped you to live a healthier and happier life so please do take a moment to comment below and share your story.

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