Together mindfulness and yoga help us to cultivate a greater awareness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions so that we can gain more self-understanding and find new, more helpful ways of responding to challenges in our daily lives.

They encourage us to reflect more, connect to ourselves and open our hearts. This doesn’t stop life from happening, but gives us an essential steadiness – a place of peace, clarity and understanding from which we can engage and respond and not react out of habit and our conditioning. In time we may just find that we can weather the storms of life with a greater sense of ease and equanimity.

“Mindful yoga is a lifetime engagement, not to get somewhere else, but to be where and as we actually are in this very moment, with this very breath, whether the experience is pleasant unpleasant, or neutral. Our body will change a lot as we practice, and so will our minds and our hearts and our views. Hopefully, whether a beginner or an old-timer, we are always reminding ourselves in our practice of the value of keeping this beginner’s mind.”

Excerpted from the article 'Mindful Yoga Movement & Meditation' ©2003 by Jon Kabat-Zinn

When we wake up to this life in all its fullness we create an opportunity to live with greater calmness, clarity and compassion and to be grateful for our lives whatever is occurring. With practice, mindfulness and yoga become a way of life, a way of being that frees us to be joyful, spontaneous, energised and engaged and to be as healthy and well as we are able.

Weekly Mindful Yoga Classes

Mindful Yoga is suitable for everyone and especially for those who are looking for a more gentle and supportive yoga class. It is suitable for people with different health conditions and for young and old alike who are looking to support and nurture themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

We begin each class with a centring practice to settle and calm and then practice a series of flowing yoga movements and postures to stretch and strengthen the body, heart and mind. Closing the practice with a guided meditation where you are encouraged to be fully present with whatever unfolds.

Mats, blankets and cushions are provided if you do not have your own.


“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”

T.K.V. Desikachar

Upcoming Classes

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“My mum and I joined Lisa for a Mindfulness day at the lovely Meditation centre in Dent. From start to finish, the day was enjoyable, relaxing and thought-provoking. For people who lead busy lives, have a lot on their minds or tend to operate at top speed most of the time, learning about and starting to practice mindfulness is both enlightening and rewarding. Lisa herself is a wonderful teacher - she is so friendly and enthusiastic and has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable. I would definitely attend another day and would recommend it to anyone.”
Hannah CMindful Yoga and Meditation Day
“Lisa is a brilliant Yoga Teacher, she brings together the benefits of Yoga practice, mindfulness and breathing exercises all in one. Lisa instils confidence, fitness, calm and relaxation for all with her positive encouragement and soothing nature/voice. Once you start Yoga, you will never look back. It brings the most wholesome health benefits safely for everyone of every age.”
Linda FMindful Yoga