Mindfulness is simply “present moment friendly awareness” and is a way of being in the world that allows us to live with greater ease, clarity and kindness.

Much of the “suffering” in our lives, ie the mental and emotional torment that we experience, is often the result of wishing our lives were different in one way or another. When the mind becomes preoccupied thinking about how things used to be or how we would like things to be then we begin to lose touch with our immediate reality and we can very quickly miss out on the richness and potential of our own everyday life experiences.

“The present is the only time that any of us have to be alive – to know anything – to perceive – to learn – to act – to change – to heal.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is the ability to leave the past behind, whilst also not projecting ourselves into a catastrophic future. Instead we learn to live in the present moment where our real lives are unfolding, where we can make more skilful, life-enhancing choices. Mindful living offers us the ability to meet the challenges of our lives with enthusiasm and optimism, accessing new ways of problem solving, enhancing our creativity and optimising our global sense of wellbeing. Mindfulness creates clearer communication, helping us relate to others with greater understanding.

Courses & Classes

I run 8 week mindfulness group and individual courses (please see the two listed below) with follow up support in the form of monthly mindfulness practice groups, meditation retreat days and refresher courses.

And if you’re still not sure, sign up to a mindfulness taster Session.

Finding Peace in a Frantic World

This 8 week course is designed for those with a busy life and is an excellent practical introduction to mindfulness.
You will learn simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety and stress and promote a renewed appreciation for life.
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Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing

This 8 week course offers an opportunity to learn new ways of handling difficult thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Participants become more able to systematically work with stress, pain, illness and the challenges and demands of everyday life.
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"This has been life changing for me. I arrived in a total state of exhaustion and couldn't even feel my body in the early meditations. Mindfulness has taught me to STOP and BE HERE RIGHT NOW and I feel I now have more choices. I eat better, I exercise kindly, I smile and I enjoy moments every day, really enjoy them and my inner voice is now a loving one. I feel transformed and out of the downward spiral so quickly and without the need to take any medication!"
Jane M